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What is XELTIA Delivery?

Xeltia Delivery is a digital platform for order placement and delivery using electronic tokens, mobile apps and cloud-based systems

Mobile App

Order placement and follow-up is done completely with a multiplatform app

Wifi/Bluetooth Token

With the press of a button of the token device, customers can send a request for service

Easy communication

Central operations take care of the customer request to manage the order immediately


Xeltia allows to spot the drivers and customer location, best route to follow and estimated arrival time

Immediate Notifications

Consumers and drivers are notified on real-time of any event during the order delivery


Every communication, route and message is logged into the cloud-based platform

Who can use it?



Retail Stores

Project Title

Customer Service


Delivery Drivers

Prestadores de Servicios

About Us

Xeltia is a startup company focused on developing high impact products using innovative technologies such as electronic token devices, multiplatform apps, mobile devices and geolocation. We were born with the mindset of creating innovative products using the latest technologies to make a difference on social fields.

We started Xeltia Delivery with the primary goal to create a revamped workflow for order management, featuring easy order placement, preparation and delivery of products, goods or services to end consumers or retailers such as grocery stores or large establishments to avoid stockouts.

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